Meet The Author

Karen Hill

Karen Hill draws on her absolute love of children and her desire to inspire kids to hang on to their dreams. Her creativity stems from the simple joys of raising her sons and transforming everyday outings like a walk to the beach into magical worlds and unforgettable memories.

Cat Tails began with just the flicker of a dream. Watching her own kitty’s tail swirl and swish one day, Karen came up with a playful story. She then had to decide how she wanted to tell it and to whom. It was a natural choice and the idea behind Cat Tails came all at once! Her advice to new authors is “Don’t lose great ideas, write it down!”

The journey to not only publish Cat Tails, but use it as a medium to promote children’s literacy and connect like-minded authors is in her words a “One-Girl” show. She prints her own marketing materials and has gone on a solo book tour across the country using some very creative tactics.

Karen always comes prepared with
questions for you
when she meets you:

Can I read:
in your school?
in your day care center?
at your story hour?
at your playtime group?

A whole new world has opened for Karen since asking these first few questions. From new friends to speaking at colleges across the country. She wants you to know you can do it too!  

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